The Queen Bee

At Arlo’s Honey Farm we import our Queen Bess from Kona, Hawaii.  Why? Arlo’s Honey Farm needs Queen Bees before they are available locally.  This allows us to create the strong and industrious hives we need to produce our extraordinary honey.  The Queen Bees leave Hawaii by air, arrive in Spruce Grove, Alberta where they go through a process of bio security and are then shipped by air to Kelowna.  As quickly as possible, we introduce these Queen Bees to our hives that have been prepared to receive them.  Once this process is complete, the new Queen will start to lay some 1700 to 2000 eggs per day to keep the hive at maximum capacity.  The  worker bees, will feed her, groom her and attend her every need.  Abundant pollen sources are necessary for the Queen Bee.  At Arlo’s Honey Farm, we love dandelions.  Yes, the sometimes dreaded dandelion, is the King of Foods for the Queen Bee.  The high protein content of dandelions keeps her  and the baby bees healthy and strong.  The Queen Bee will live from 2 to 4 years.

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