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Porcelain Garlic


Porcelain garlic has white papery wrappers and its cloves are dense. All are garlicky in flavour and generally hot.


Fish Lake: Easy to peel large cloves. Flavourful and lingering.


Georgian Crystal: Mildly hot and mellow flavour.


Georgia Fire: Hot and strong flavour. High concentration of allicin.


German Extra Hardy: Medium heat, strong and sweet flavour.


German White: Mildly spicy, mellow flavour.


Mennonite: Strong and robust flavour.


Northern Quebec: Medium heat. Strong, slightly smoky and garlicky flavour.


Polish: Hot, lingering garlicky flavour.


Susan Delafield: Hot, strong and fragrant flavour.


Wild Fire: Hot and bold flavour.


Yugoslavian: Hot. Strong and aromatic flavour. Great for roasting and dressings.



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