Hummingbird Observation


Another one of our passions – the delicate Hummingbird.  For the past several seasons, we have had the pleasure of enjoying these wonderful little birds.  Several different varieties make Arlo’s Honey Farm their summer home.   They enjoy many of the same flowers as the Honey Bees and can feed on many of the flowers too small for the Honey Bees to extract the nectar from.  The trellis’s of Honey Suckle, the Lobelia, and Fuchsias to name a few.  With summer not too far off, we have decided to share our wonderful little birds with our visitors.  Arlo’s Honey Farm will now have a “Hummingbird Observation Area” from which guests can enjoy the delight of the Hummingbirds feeding.  This will be a quiet area and we will ask your respect to keep it that way when you visit.

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