Garlic Braids

Garlic Braids




Our 2017 garlic is here! Did you know there are countless varieties of garlic in the world? Arlo’s Honey Farm has almost 50 varieties!

Want to know more about the different types of garlic?      CLICK HERE for our Garlic Guide

The Passion of Garlic


The growing of garlic is a true passion. This pungent bulb graces the finest tables, is renowned for health and healing properties, and is even used to repel pests.

The passion at Arlo’s Honey Farm began with my husband Rick Appel’s fascination for something planted in the near frozen ground in the fall, and emerging bright green in early spring before anything else in the garden shows any signs of life. Given some scapes and cloves of Heritage White Italian Garlic (reportedly brought to Kelowna from Italy by Mrs. Rampone in the 1800’s), the love for garlic was ignited. Garlic must be acclimatized to your growing conditions and soil. Believe it or not, it took 5 years of dedication and patience to succeed to produce his finest White Italian Garlic!

But why does a honey farm grow so much garlic? South East Kelowna is notorious throughout its history, for a shortage of agricultural water. Losing our corn crop due to water cut backs one July, garlic provided a reasonable solution. Planted in the late fall when natural water is available and harvested prior to the heat of our scorching summers, it is not a burden to our water supply.

The passion grew. Rick grows over 45 varieties of garlic including Purple Strips, Porcelains, Rocambles, and Softnecks. The garlic is hand-planted and weeded, harvested, and lovingly cured. Availability begins with garlic greens, the first taste of garlic in early spring, garlic scapes in June, fresh garlic in early July, garlic braids available in mid-July and cured garlic in August. Availability is dependent upon variety and the season.


CLICK HERE to see our Garlic Guide for more information on the different types of garlic! 

Photo credits to Salt Photography