Our fields at Arlo’s Honey Farm have exploded with produce.  The much needed rain is feeding the field’s with moisture.  At Arlo’s Honey Farm, we have Green Kale, Fresh Snow Peas, Spring Onions, Red and White, Red Rhubarb, Baby Beets and Beet Greens.  Garlic Scapes and yes – yes – Fresh Garlicthe first of the  season!

Watch for our first cabbage – it is coming soon.  Arlo’s Honey Farm is a mosaic of blossoms for the bees.  Purple Robe Locust, Elderberry, Cat Mint, and the new Phacellia planting is enjoying the rain too!

Picking days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Email – or call – 250-764-2883  the night before for the freshest produce you buy!


Bees Love Elderberry


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