2013 at a Glance

Arlos had some very exciting tours and visitors last year


Very popular were the young people’s tours.


A beautiful bee princess joined our group!


Not even rain could keep people away on Bee Day. We had a very successful Day of the Honey Bee with over $400 being donated to the Boon Hodgson Wilkinson Fund for bee research.


Winter losses were minimal so spring management was hectic. Splitting, supering, pollen traps, and an early honey flow kept us on our toes.


Healthy happy bees rewarded us, making lots of honey.


The season’s work is done and we have harvested a bumper crop of beautiful yummy honey..


Jelly squares – Voted the best treat at Bee Day – donated by Country Naturally.


OK – so there are no cows! But we did not disappoint this farmer.


Tasty treats from the field, so sweet cherry tomatoes – and the very best Blackberries.


Voted most likely to succeed – our youngest visiting farmer!


Farm fresh fruits, berries and vegetables – keep posted for seasonal specialities!


Garlic, garlic, garlic. We have over 45 varieties of this pungent bulb. Order early, we sell out. Garlic harvest is usually late June to early July. Then braiding, cleaning, racking and natural air drying takes place to preserve all of the natural flavour.



Special Events

We proudly put together this special order for the Karis Society Fund Raiser held at the beautiful Bottega Inn.
And a request from the joint effort of Interior Health and BC Hyrdo put us to the test of our creativity to provide these amazing hand crafted gift baskets.


Spring !!

February 23, 2014- There is some 3 to 4 inches of snow covering everything but the Rosemary is up and fairing well!

Soon, the bees will emerge and our year will start all over again. Hopefully with the continued success of last year, healthy bees, bountiful honey crops, fields ripe with fresh fruits and vegetables, and the support of all our visitors and customers.

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