Welcome to Arlo's Honey Farm

Nestled in the beautiful hills of South East Kelowna,
Arlo’s Honey Farm is where the dance of the honey bees
orchestrates the pollination of our flowers, fruits, berries
and vegetables while creating our award winning honey.

Our Honey is 100% Pure!

Arlo’s Honey Farm in the Okanagan offers not only award winning honey, but pollen,
bees wax, propolis, fresh fruit, berries and vegetables in season. Our honey
products are sold in our own Kelowna Farm Gift Gallery, as well as at
the Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market.

Honey Farm Tours are by appointment only. Please contact
us (250-764-2883) to arrange a date and time for your group!
This educational tour describes the honey bee's life, their
existence in nature, an understanding of sustainable agriculture,
and a close up and personal visit with a working hive  (1.5hrs).

Tours at Arlo’s Honey Farm also weather dependant. Sometimes
rain and yes maybe even the extreme heat of hot Okanagan
summers may cause cancellations.

Not to be missed… a visit to Arlo’s Honey Tasting Bar in the Arlo’s
Gift Gallery!

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From our Kelowna bee hives here in the Okanagan, we have founded Bee Basics™, chemical free skin care products based on honey, and bee hive products married with organic herbs, oils and butters for natural skin care without petroleum products or additives. A Symphony of Nature provided to you by honey bees.

This wonderfully natural line of honey-based products is now available from our Okanagan based honey bees for purchase through our our online shop.

Super Natural British Columbia Arlo's Honey Farm bee hives